Colonia Nova Opens!

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Colonia Nova – Earlier this evening, Moon Adament, Chair of the Sim Planning Committee announced the official opening of the newest region of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, Colonia Nova. This project involved the dedication and effort of dozens of builders, planners, advisors, financiers, and other genuinely interested parties. Although not every build has been completed, the sim has been built enough to allow residents to start to move in and shape their new environment. Plans are underway for an opening celebration and details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

For more information regarding Business opportunities, Land Availability, and Colonia Nova in general, please browse through the pages linked to side of the page.

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Crowdsourcing Conference in Colonia Nova

Gwyneth Llewelyn, in conjunction with the Kuurian Expedition in Second Life, will be hosting a symposium on Crowd Sourcing on Monday, November 13th, 2006, at 12:00 PM SLT. The following is an excerpt from Gwyneth’s announcement:

When a company decides that their own customers (or users) should be the ones submitting designs, code, content, documentation, to improve — or even to create — their products, this is called crowdsourcing, a buzzword coined by Wired Magazine’s Jeff Howe (who will be with us on stage) to describe a new model of companies that get free work from their users/customers.

The event will take place at the theater in Colonia Nova.

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View from Colonia Nova



The Amphitheater is just about complete, ready to serve as a venue for events, meetings, and entertainment! Image hosted at Snapzilla.

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Colonia Nova Reservations Begin!

Attention CDS Citizens. Effective today, November 1st, all CDS citizens are eligible to reserve their Colonia Nova plot before we open to the larger SL population on November 15th. To reserve a specific spot, please contact Sudane Erato.

An up to date summary of all plots available for sale and their current ownership can be found at the Land Information Hub.

Curious as to the Prices, Land Fees, and prim allotments of each plot? Wondering what the covenents are that affect your new plot of land? Check out the Colonia Nova Land Information Packet!

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View from Colonia Nova

City Gates

Photo taken by Antonius Camus, link to gallery

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Interested in Volunteering to help build Colonia Nova?

Are you interested in helping build one of Second Life’s newest regions and the much-anticipated expansion of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators? Have you read about Colonia Nova but weren’t sure how you could help? If so, the Sim Planning Committee would like to invite you to help by contributing your time, talent, and perhaps most importantly, ingenuity and intellect towards the completion of this exciting project.


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View from Colonia Nova

Hosted at Snapzilla: Link to Image

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Colonia Nova Construction Underway

Members of the Sim Planning Committee (SPC) meeting Sunday announced the completion of the terraforming and parcelling of Colonia Nova, almost a week ahead of schedule. The completion of these sizeable tasks allows for a wide range of building projects to take place, from laying roads and infrastructure to designing and constructing insulae and villas. Members of the SPC are hoping to announce dates for the start of land sales and the official opening of Colonia Nova within the next few weeks, as some of the remaining neccessary projects progress.

Sim Planning Committee meetings are open to the public and all are invited to attend. Meetings are generally held every Sunday at 1 PM, SLT and are announced in the “Planning Colonia Nova” forum.

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Proposal for a second sim for the Confederation of Democratic Simulators

The proponents of this project (Clarence Calliope, Diderot Mirabeau, Gwyneth Llewelyn, and Moon Adamant) have evaluated Neufreistadt’s major distinguishing features — in the terms of its originality as a working concept for establishing a place where people “live” in the environment of a city, with its unique architecture, its events, its landmarks, and a certain “atmosphere” — and are suggesting a possible way to expand the concept of Neufreistadt (a long-time project using an elected government as a means to both adapt to changes of membership over the time, as well as with members leaving and entering the group afresh) under the over-arching government of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS).

Full Proposal 

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Colonia Nova Bond Initiative Update

As posted in the Guild Announcement Forum by CDS Treasurer Sudane Erato:

We are in the middle of a project to raise funds for our new sim, Colonia Nova, through borrowing. As indicated in the solicitation, we will provide a progress report from time to time until the program closing on October 31.

As of today, October 9, 2006, loans have been made to the Treasury in US$ currency $720 and in L$ currency $41617. The total loans made are approximately US$870.

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