Colonia Nova Announces Bond Initiative

Neufreistadt – The Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) has begun accepting loans for the purchase and development of Colonia Nova, the upcoming Roman-themed community. Approved by the government’s legislative branch, the Representative Assembly (RA), the initiative will be open to any interested parties for a period starting September 25, 2006 and ending on October 31, 2006. The goal for this campaign has been announced as US$1500, which will be used to supplement the CDS’ prior commitment of US$500 towards the Colonia Nova Project. Loans are currently openly being accepted and can either be made within Second Life or on the Internet via PayPal. For more information, including the full text of the announcement, visit the following URL:

Background Information:

The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is a Democratic Republic forged to provide residents with a secure environment to work, live and play in. Currently, the CDS consists of one simulator, Neufreistadt, with another simulator in the planning process, Colonia Nova. Neufreistadt is one of Second Life’s oldest resident-governed simulators and is widely known for its unique combination of politics, fog, and Bavarian architecture. Colonia Nova, a Roman themed simulator, is currently under development.

Contact Information:Moon Adamant – Chairperson of the Sim Planning Committee
Aliasi Stonebender – Chancellor of Neufreistadt
Claude Desmoulins – Leader of the Representative Assembly

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