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Colonia Nova opens for land sales to the general public on November 15, 2006. Colonia Nova features a greatly expanded commercial center, premium residential land, as well as well-designed public facilities. All of these components come togeather to create a unique, exciting community that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. However, when you are considering moving to a new location, there is one question that should be asked:

Why should you choose Colonia Nova for your business?

  • Environment: Colonia Nova was designed from scratch with business interests in mind. From the telehub located in the central Forum to the hierarchical street network, Colonia Nova is the perfect combination of form and function. You do not have to worry about the aesthetics of the neighborhood, as land in Colonia Nova is governed by one of several land use covenents, a proven method used in Neufreistadt successfully for over two years.
  • Civic Life: Unlike Neufreistadt, Colonia Nova was designed with a large ampitheatre just outside of the city walls. This will allow for regular events to take place in the sim, drawing visitors and residents alike into Colonia Nova (and into your shop!)
  • Stability: Colonia Nova is a part of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, granting all residents the same rights and protections afforded under our Constitution. The CDS government has been operating Neufreistadt for over two years in various forms and continues to be Second Life’s only democratic republic. Businesses operating within the CDS are eligible to incorporate, allowing you to provide your business contacts with that extra level of trust not available elsewhere. Residents and Businesses operating within the CDS are eligible to avail themselves to the CDS Judicial branch for dispute resolution and contract enforcement.

As you can see, Colonia Nova has been designed to serve both the needs and desires of both its residential and commercial residents, craeting the optimal environment for success. If you ‘re looking for that new location with charecter, stability, and vitality, Colonia Nova is just the place you should be looking!

For more information, please contact Moon Adament or visit

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