Colonia Nova Opens!

Copyright 2006 - Brian Livingston

Colonia Nova – Earlier this evening, Moon Adament, Chair of the Sim Planning Committee announced the official opening of the newest region of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, Colonia Nova. This project involved the dedication and effort of dozens of builders, planners, advisors, financiers, and other genuinely interested parties. Although not every build has been completed, the sim has been built enough to allow residents to start to move in and shape their new environment. Plans are underway for an opening celebration and details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

For more information regarding Business opportunities, Land Availability, and Colonia Nova in general, please browse through the pages linked to side of the page.

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Colonia Nova Reservations Begin!

Attention CDS Citizens. Effective today, November 1st, all CDS citizens are eligible to reserve their Colonia Nova plot before we open to the larger SL population on November 15th. To reserve a specific spot, please contact Sudane Erato.

An up to date summary of all plots available for sale and their current ownership can be found at the Land Information Hub.

Curious as to the Prices, Land Fees, and prim allotments of each plot? Wondering what the covenents are that affect your new plot of land? Check out the Colonia Nova Land Information Packet!

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