New Residents

Hello and Welcome to Colonia Nova!

Now is an exciting time to be a resident in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators! As work progresses on our Colonia Nova region, we are moving closer every day to being able to offer interested perspective residents more choices for covenent and archtiecture styles, as well as topography and location. At this time a date has not been announced for the beginning of land sales in Colonia Nova, however as soon as one is available, it will be posted on the main Colonia Nova page as well as updated on this page.

In the meantime, you may wish to consider obtaining land in our current sim, Neufreistadt. Neufreistadt has an exciting and storied past and a promising future as the CDS’ first sim, complete with its baverian theme and foggy fog! There are currently a number of plots available throughotu the sim, both within the city walls and in the valley area. For more information, head on over to the Neufreistadt Website.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Self, what makes land in the CDS different from land else where in Second Life?” Luckily, we have just the answer to get you out of that third-person rut!

Land in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators is governed by CDS rules and laws

At first, this may seem a bit scary. Residents governing other residents? However, the success the CDS has had at protecting the rights of its citizens and balancing them against the needs of the state has attracted many residents who are looking for stability and peace in their Second Lives.

The government of the CDS is made up of four branches of government, briefly outlined below:

  • Representative Assembly: The Representative Assembly (RA) is the legislative body of the CDS. Representatives are elected every six months by the residents of the CDS. This body is responsible for creating and adopting new legislation and amendments. Any resident who has held property in the CDS for more than 28 days can run for office and vote in elections.
  • Artisanal Collective: The Artisinal Collective, popularly referred to as the Guild, is made up of content and service producers residing in the CDS who help drive commerce. The AC’s primary responsibility is to serve as the treasury of the CDS, maintaining and reporting on the revenues and expenses of the state. The AC also has limited impeachment powers for members of the RA and the Philisophic Branch.
  • Philosophic Branch: The Philosophic Branch, alternatively referred to as the Scientific Council is a self-selected meritocracy. Its governmental role is to interpret and enforce the constitution. Its service roll is to resolve citizen disputes and moderate user forums and events.
  • Judiciary Branch: The Judiciary Branch is responsible for maintaining a fair and equitiable judicial system for all.

As promised earlier, this is a general overview and is in no way an exhaustive explanation of the details of each branch. For more information regarding the powers and responsibilities of each branch, please refer to our Constitution.

In addition to the protection of a developed and balanced government, residents of the CDS can be assured that they will not sign on one day and find that their new neighbor is now a laggy club or casino. All land in the CDS are bound by a Covenent that governs the land use and design properties. Don’t worry though, as there are both a number of differnt covenents available, from extremely loose covenents that largely prohibit only acitivies that detract from sim performance to strict covenents, generally within city walls, that dictate architectual styles and ensure a seemless landscape. To assist residents to meet these covenents, properties with restricted covenents generally come with a complimentary structure already placed on the land, making moving into the CDS that much easier and convenient. These structures can generally be replaced, but do check your covenent for more details. If you have any questions regarding Covenents, feel free to refer to the current revision of the CDS covenents.

In short, the CDS is an exciting place for residents and businesses of all varieties. With our developed governmental and legal system, as well as our exciting environment, the CDS has created some of the most dynamic and vibrant regions anywhere in Second Life. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop into either Colonia Nova or Neufreistadt and ask away!

We look forward to seeing you around!

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